Job Personality Quiz

Thank you for applying for this position. Before you can finish submitting your application, please fill out this job personality quiz by answering agree or disagree to each statement. This quiz will help us determine if you are a good fit for our company. Good luck!

Agree or Disagree:
1. People would describe you as a go-getter, but only when referring to Cheetos.
2. You are excited by new things.
3. When encountering new challenges, you are very excited.
4. You are excited about being excited.
5. Your mother says you have potential.
6. When people make mistakes, you kill them.
7. Sometimes, you hear voices in your head singing Bjork.
8. You are definitely wearing pants right now.
9. You don’t care what people think of you — they don’t know what you’ve been through.
10. This sentence is not true.
11. It’s fun to rummage through your neighbor’s trash. 
12. You have tasted fresh elk blood at least once in your life.
13. You are a good listener, unlike that motherfucker Roy.
14. You have a pee corner.
15. Ouyay areway ethay uperiorsay aceray.
16. You swear like a sailor, albeit a very polite and gentlemanly sailor.
17. Fuck the police.
18. You perform Under Pressure well (although you’re also pretty good at Roxanne).
19. You feel more of a connection with goldfish than with humans.
20. You’re good at finishing things that you st


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