Report shows that plans are best made over text

As a new technology, texts have revolutionized the way that people meet, connect and more importantly, make plans to hang out. A new study has shown that this is the best and most efficient way to make these plans.

The most obvious feature of texts is how easy and fast it is to get your point across. The report cited the following transcript to illustrate the brevity of texts when making plans:

10:21am – “i’m free anytime, when are you free”
10:21am – “anytime”
10:22am – “how about today”
4:53pm – “oh i don’t know about today”

The author of the paper pointed out that the noncommittal last comment covered up the fact the texter was on the couch watching Netflix and didn’t want to get up.

A participant surveyed in the student argued that the best feature of texts is the ability to see if your text has been read. “I love this feature because I know they got my text two seconds after I sent it.” He continued, “They’ve just been thinking about it for the past week.”

Similar studies found that many of the plans that followed through were spent making plans with other people. It was also found that “yeah, def!” is the text most frequently sent for plans that never end of happening.

One participant said, “Texts are great because instead of telling someone that I don’t want to hang out with them to their face, I can just ignore their text.” He smiles, “My phone can do that for me!”

This study was released after the institute’s last study entitled “Yelp doesn’t ruin good lunch at all if you later realize it has only three stars.” 


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