12 things we live with as people

1. All toilet paper rolls have an end.
2. You either leave a little bit on, or you have to find a new roll.
3. Any noise made by your body in a silent room is disgusting.
4. Your Facebook profile makes you look awful.
5. Your Twitter is even worse.
6. The only way to accomplish your goals is by making easy goals.
7. You could also work hard, but that sucks.
8. When you look at your phone to avoid conversation, you still look like an asshole.
9. You know how you’re sort of hungry? You will always feel that way.
10. People try to manipulate your emotions using what are essentially small boxes of past human action.
11. You are naturally attracted to order and thus, numbered lists.
12. Not every numbered list ends on an okay number. 


Tips to make friends AND save money

In this day and age, it’s very difficult to be a sociable young person. Whether it’s going to a bar, restaurant or concert — hanging out frequently means spending money. However, you don’t need to sacrifice friendships to save money. Here are some fun tips that will save you money while also keeping you social.

Carpool effectively.  We’ve all heard of carpooling; it’s cheap and great for the environment! Another fun way to carpool is by squeezing in real close behind someone in the subway turnstile. Not only will you save some money, you’ll make a new friend! 

Turn off your heat. You don’t need that much heat, especially if you wear your entire wardrobe all the time In your apartment. Sometimes though, visitors won’t appreciate how thrifty you are. Solution? Invite ALL your friends over at the same time. As Gandhi once said, “Be the heat you want to see in the world.”

Potlucks. An old classic. Revamp potlucks by throwing a surprise potluck for one of your friends. Celebrate friendship and surprise them at their place! You might forget to bring your own food, or invite other people, but no one will even care because they’ll be having so much fun. 

Borrow some cash. People are much nicer than you think. If you sit around asking people for money, it’ll happen. Some people are more inclined to do it if you sing a song or paint yourself silver. Other times you just need to phrase it like, “Hey man, can I borrow a ten?” or “Can you cover lunch, and I’ll get you next time?” But our last tip will bring it all together.

Don’t have friends. This sounds counterintuitive but this is the most cost-efficient way to be social. Get your current friends, get all you can from them, then ditch them. Next, make new friends and repeat! You’ll make more friends than other people and all for cheap!